In today’s vehicles, the maintenance of your battery is extremely important, as it is the center of your electrical system. The battery has an enormous amount of electrical functions: It stores energy to provide power to the starting system, fuel system, computer system, ignition system, body control modules and many other electrical components and devices during start-up. Plus, it provides a constant power to the whole vehicle in conjunction with the charging system as the high demands of today’s vehicles increase. It also provides power to all electronic components, devices, alarms and modules when the vehicle is shut down.

Regular vehicle battery maintenance or battery replacement from US1 Tire & Auto Repair will ensure an electrical system that will perform optimally and will decrease electrical breakdowns in the vehicles electrical systems.

Battery Diagnostics
Having an ASE technician do a Diagnostic Service on your vehicle before summer or a big road trip, is a quick and easy way to have peace of mind. Our technicians have the latest advanced, Starting and Charging System diagnostic equipment. It will only take a short amount of time to inspect and test your vehicles battery, charging system and all components, and will give you a peace of mind and high level of confidence that your vehicles battery and charging system won’t leave you stranded.

Battery Replacement Service
At US1 Tire & Auto Repair our ASE Certified Technicians will determine if your vehicles battery is performing within the manufacturers recommended specifications. If your vehicles battery isn’t performing adequately, we will replace it with a new one. For your peace of mind, after one of our technicians installs a new battery, we will test the complete starting and charging system for amperage draws, shorts, parasitic losses and drains. After repairs on your starting and charging system, you will know with a high degree of confidence that your repairs were done right, the first time!

US1 Tire & Auto Repair is a veteran owned and operated business that has been servicing Florida for over 30 years, with a new location in Fort Pierce, FL. US1 Tire & Auto Repair is a complete car and marine repair facility. We diagnose, repair, service, and maintain your car, light truck, heavy truck, commercial truck, tractor trailers, foreign, domestic, and European for both gas and diesel. We service Cummins, Caterpillar, Harvester International, Duramax, Isuzu, Fleet accounts, oil change, boat and marine engine repair and maintenance for: Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas.

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