Transmission Services Fort Pierce
An automatic transmission uses a car computer to choose the transmission gear to be used without driver involvement, while a manual transmission requires the driver to use a clutch and gear stick to change the vehicle gears. US1 Tire and Auto Repair can locate and diagnose any automatic or manual transmission problems that your vehicle may be experiencing. Performing proper maintenance on your transmission is crucial to avoid costly repairs. US1 Tire and Auto Repair can replace your transmission fluid with factory suggested fluid for each vehicle type. If you have any transmission questions, or need transmission or clutch services, call to schedule an appointment.


Transmission Fort Pierce

Removal and Replacement
At US1 Tire and Auto Repair we will diagnose any transmission failures. US1 Tire and Auto Repair will be honest with you regarding what your plans with the vehicle are, and help guide you to the option that will suit your needs. Transmissions are a vital component in every vehicle and are sometimes costly. We will help you determine if a rebuild or a new transmission is necessary.

Clutch Repair Fort Pierce-Clutch Service Fort Pierce

  • Cars
  • Light Trucks
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Commercial Trucks
  • Tractor Trailers

A clutch joins the engine to the transmission and allows the engine to keep running when the wheels stop disengaging it. When replacing a clutch it is very important to check the clutch hydraulic system too. It is equally important to replace all of the clutch components, not just the clutch disc. All clutches have a flywheel, which should be resurfaced flat again at the time of clutch replacement. If you have any clutch issues or need a clutch replacement, call us today or schedule an appointment.

US1 Tire & Auto Repair is a veteran owned and operated business that has been servicing Florida for over 30 years, with a new location in Fort Pierce, FL. US1 Tire & Auto Repair is a complete car and marine repair facility. We diagnose, repair, service, and maintain your car, light truck, heavy truck, commercial truck, tractor trailers, foreign, domestic, and European for both gas and diesel. We service Cummins, Caterpillar, Harvester International, Duramax, Isuzu, Fleet accounts, oil change, boat and marine engine repair and maintenance for: Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, and the surrounding areas.

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